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SOLAS     SOLAS was founded in 1985 by Dr. Solas Y. J. Lin. It is now one of the most well-known and trustworthy names in outboard/ stern drive propellers and impellers for personal watercraft vehicles due to superior design and craftsmanship. Located in Taiwan, SOLAS combines world class research and design, highly skilled workers, cost-effective material sourcing, and a technologically advanced manufacturing facility to deliver the highest quality of products to its customers. It is characteristic that SOLAS aluminum alloy propellers surpass regular stainless steel propellers in terms of thickness, corrosion resistance and quality. In 1994, it was granted ISO-9002 certification and in 2003 it was awarded ISO-9001, proving once again the continuous quality improvements and service. No wonder that the Solas covers a large part of the global market with representatives in many countries of the world.

There are aluminum and stainless steel propellers for all outboard or stern/drive engines, covering the needs and the particularities of each vessel. Propellers with three or four blades from 4 to 350 HP are designed for a particular purpose, either to give excellent cruising performances, sometimes to improve high speed planning hulls and other times to provide excellent bow lift and acceleration.

Since 1991 that our cooperation with the Solas was initiated, we continuously learn for the operation of each propeller and combine our personal experiences in order to understand the problem and give immediate solution to every consumer.



CMC is an American company specializing in producing stainless steel and aluminum jack plates for outboard motors from 1 to 300HP. Recently it has proudly become part of the T-H Marine family, also a world leader in marine products.  

All major components of its products are engineered and manufactured in-house in CMC facility. It utilizes the finest computerized machinery available for precision and speed. This enables to be manufactured top quality products at a very competitive price giving the consumer many years of trouble free service at the best price. Testing procedures are implemented on each item to meet certain parameters, before any unit is packaged for shipment.

TREZOS BROS. & CO. started the corporation with CMC in 1999, following closely and effectively both the evolution of the range and its expertise.

ü      The hydraulic power-lift can improve the performance of virtually any type outboard. It works independently of your power trim and tilt to allow the boat-motor-prop combination to work at its maximum efficiency. It gives you the ability to adjust your motor to different heights for different speeds, water conditions and varying loads in your boat. It also positions the motor back from transom jack 5 ½’’ or 10’’. The system is made of 100% non-ferrous material which makes it impervious to saltwater and freshwater use.

ü      The manual power-lift transom jack has comparable design and construction features as the hydraulic lift without the convenience of automated adjustment.

ü      The electric power-trim allows you to change the angle of your motor to obtain the best performance for your load and water condition.

ü      The transom washer plates eliminate bolts “biting’’ into transoms and can more evenly distribute loads on high performance engines.

Having the exclusive representation and distribution of CMC products since 1999 and with our continuous technical update over the products, we are willing to help you with any problems or questions concerning the setup of your boat.